Almost Christmas!

2015 Wreath-m

Raisin is excited to begin decorating for Christmas but she’s having trouble rounding up volunteers among the big people of the household.


Birch heard the word “swashbuckle” and it brought to mind a problem she was having with her weapons.  They were getting caught on her sash.  The idea of a buckle and a belt seemed a grand solution… so she put me to work.151028-CD288931-m


151028-CD288926-mIn the summer of 2015 there was an event near the ocean in Oregon.  Piracy arose and pirates emerged.  One of them followed me home.  She is Birch the Cabin Boy.  She has disguised herself as a boy in order to join the pirate band lead by Back from the Dead Red – a bloodthirsty and stylish female pirate.  Birch is not exactly bloodthirsty but she does have an eye for a fine weapon.


A sailor emerges

Finding ourselves “weathered in” at a port in the Bahamas, and with a brand new Hitty friend (meaning a new friend who likes Hitty), it was necessary for a new girl to emerge.  The tools on the boat are adequate but not opulent.



The new girl was thrilled when her new situation took her immediately to sea



We went for a walk on the beach and discovered an old lighthouse.

If you squint really hard you can see that it was built in 1892.

I got to sit up in the tip turret (sadly, there was no light there anymore)

We found wonderful things on the beach below:

Bahamian Carrot


Today we went to the market – we were desperate for veggies.  Since the “mail boat” came in last Thursday, we weren’t certain we would find anything at all still left in the store.  There were Carrots!  The biggest carrots we’ve ever seen.  The proprietress of the store told us they frightened her, but they didn’t scare Raisin.  In fact, she tried to talk me into letting her keep this one as a pet.  I was very strict with her as we need it for dinner.