Cast Of Characters

Ellen and Pink - Dramatis Personae

Ellen - Pink's balance in life.
Pink - She's full of ideas and fun. She's always falling into adventure.
Will - Adventurer, inventor, explorer. One of the very first 4-inch dolls I ever carved.
Pandora - Initially came to town as a spy. She liked the place and decided to "retire" to the funnies.
Peg - She was a doll in a museum. In her first appearance she became "real".
Chrissy - had an extreme makeover off screen which propelled her to the attention of the male population. She's slightly younger than Will.
Guy - Arrived with the marble tournament and stayed to become one of Will's most important companions.
Phineas - A wizard who inadvertently discovered the Fountain of Youth over four hundred years ago. He just can't seem to grow up.
Domino - Started life as a circus acrobat before taking up her career as a superhero.
Janie - A little over two inches tall. Lives in a bottle. She's an efrit of the Red Djinn.
Tangierine - Janie's cousin. She's more than a little mischievous.
   Gravity Man
Gravity Man - The original wooden superhero.
Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Johnson - Teaches story telling.
   Tottie Plantagenet
Tottie Plantagenet - Started life as a peg doll carved by Chrissy. She was magicked by Phineas several times and ended up becoming Clem.
Clem - As Tottie Plantagenet he hated wearing girl's clothes. He hid in several disguises until deciding that he wanted to remain as Clem. He's another of Will's companions.
   Violante of Naxos
Violante of Naxos - A seer who dispenses potions and wisdom as required.
Stretch - A friend of Will's.
Granny - she loves to dust, hates the cold, but is always up for a sled ride or snowball fight.
Hubert - an old flame of Granny's, brought back from "the other side" by Will's transporter.
Foosh - Pandora's cousin, and a science whiz. "Foosh" is a nickname derived from his given name, Confucius.